Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As you might have heard we have released the viper. Soon you can get the viper demon, with secret gun holders,the viper Aquarius, with amphibious features, or the viper x, with double the power. Preorder any of these now and you can have the chance to win a golden viper.

Comes in red, black, white, silver, puce, green, light green, and sky.

Classic cost 116,692,504 rubles (RUB)
Eviron cost 117,050934.99 RUB
Demon cost 122,663,581.49 RUB
Aquarius cost 129,672,965.89 RUB
x cost 233,644,996.50 RUB
5,000 kilo storage container cost 23,364,500 RUB

Stay tuned for info on the ultima and price changes.

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