Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As you might have heard we have released the viper. Soon you can get the viper demon, with secret gun holders,the viper Aquarius, with amphibious features, or the viper x, with double the power. Preorder any of these now and you can have the chance to win a golden viper.

Comes in red, black, white, silver, puce, green, light green, and sky.

Classic cost 116,692,504 rubles (RUB)
Eviron cost 117,050934.99 RUB
Demon cost 122,663,581.49 RUB
Aquarius cost 129,672,965.89 RUB
x cost 233,644,996.50 RUB
5,000 kilo storage container cost 23,364,500 RUB

Stay tuned for info on the ultima and price changes.


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Cows are actually from the land of the demons. The first cows were demons that went so demented that they couldn't maintain a physical form and collapsed into nothing. When their mind became stable enough to come back into existence they became all sorts of monstrosities. One, the dermontanianain shlouder, also known as the demotic cow,escaped through a portal and was domesticated. It became the cow. Sometimes the demon in the cow surfaces and they turn into minotaurs and other cow fiends.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

the monastery

I was a poor man. Seeking fame and glory I joined Derek the Gray's ship and we set off in 922. Awhile after landing we found a monastery.So of course we pillaged it. Inside there was a pot that I had a strange feeling that I shouldn't break it. Derek went over to it and I tried to stop him but it was to late. He picked up the pot and dashed it on the ground. Then a portal opened up and out came several greater demons. They started attacking us and we would of been killed if it wasn't for what happened next. Suddenly six beings appeared. They were the demon slayers. They fought bravely. Then a demon pinned there leader to the ground and it would have decapitated him if I didn't take my spear and plunge it into its back.It screamed and was distracted long enough for the leader to draw his sword and slice off its head. They thanked me and made me a demon slayer.