Friday, November 21, 2008

Castlevania order of elccestica boss guide 1

I'm making a guide for the first three bosses in the above game.

1.Amphoragas or something

Equip the the sword glyph dropped by the skelton sciemetear. For the fight: whack at him whn ever you can. When he:

1.rolls up: jump and use magnet to grab to the thing above.When he rolls over and back reasease yourself. DO NOT FLING!
2.moves his claw in a certain way: move as left most as possible. You can attack his claw.
3. does something wierd with his face before shooting a net: move as close to him as posssible.The net will go right over you.

Don't worry when he crawls backward. He's not about to do something.

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