Thursday, December 3, 2009

Announcement 1

I am planning on starting 2 new blogs: A zelda blog and a flash blog. I also got to the 6-7-8 boss in OoE, so I might post more than up to Brachyura.

EDIT: My flash blog has been created.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't look back

Lets see if this works.......

Play free games at Kongregate

Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is an Important article first published on the Wyrm News. I feel it should be here, so I am using it.

Well I have something important to tell you about kids. In all seriousness I am going to tell you somethings that may save your life. See I am the Resident Vampyr-Slayr of the Demon Slayers. Vampyrs are the followers of demon who have sacrificed their life for the secret of immortality. They may also be someone who is under the control of a vampyr. A Vampyr Lord is a vampyr who has control of more than five people, animals, or other living things. The type of Vampyr that is formed when a Vampyr takes control of a person is also called a Zombie. Of course that is misleading as a zombie is also the animated dead, a person under their control of a witch doctor and more. There are 5 ways to kill a Vampyr. The first one is to stab the vampyr in the heart. This way is advised as it can be anything that stabs them in the heart, as long it is pointy. But if the object is removed too quickly, it gives the Vampyr time to heal itself, so the object should not be removed until you know the Vampyr is dead. Silver items work the best for reasons explained later. The body should be burned. The second way to kill a Vampyr is by beheading it. This way is easy, fast and fun. The head and/or body should be burned promptly in order to prevent crazy followers from sacrificing themselves to raise the Vampyr. But it is not required as the Vampyr is killed. The third way is to burn the vampyr. This is fun and of only medium difficulty. Vampyrs can be burned in many ways. Holy water works as does normal means. Even a magnifying glass works, though it is ineffective due to the fact that you must burn a substantial amount of the Vampyr so that it dies. The fourth way is shoving holy water down its throat. This is hard an ineffective, though fun. The holy water burns holes n the digestive system so that the Vampyr digests itself. The fifth way is to starve it. This is hard and requires many months of work, combined with candles, holy symbols, garlic, consecrated dirt, silver boxes, and a holy(wo)man or exorcist. Once the Vampyr starves it loses the ability to control its minions and be immortal. It ages to the age it should be in a matter of minutes. The body doesn't have to be burned unless the body doesn't start decomposing in the attempt to catch up with time. If the Vampyr lives after the aging process than it will remeber nothing of its vampyr life. No need to kill the poor person because there will be no way for it to become a vampyr again. The sixth way is to bombard the vampyr with images of donuts using your mind. This is extremely effective but very hard to do. It also makes you hungry. The Vampyr needs life force to survive. Because they can't suck it up psychically, they must suck it up physically. This means sucking blood. They don't like blood with garlic or holy water in it. As a Vampyr has less life force it becomes weaker and has a harder time healing itself. When a Vampyr sucks enough life force out of someone they can leave it to die, or turn that person into a Vampyr type 2, or Vampyr Zombie. These Zombies follow the every command of thier master. They too need life force, but they can't hold as much of it and they are weaker. Also when a Zombie sucks enough life force out of some one they don't gain control of the person. Instead control instantly goes to the Zombie's master. The more followers a Vampyr Lord has, the more life force it has, as it can steal some life force from its minion anytime it wants, no matter where the minion is. This makes killing powerful Vampyr Lords extremely difficult. Vampyr can enter any building they can break into, though it is easier if they open the door but they can't magically go through doors. Light does not hurt them and they can cross running water. They can not enter a holy area. This makes Vampyrs extremely uncommon in the Papal States, which isn't that important since the Papal States are a great .17 square miles large. Things that you should have to defend yourself from Vampyrs are: garlic( they don't like the smell or tatse), a holy item( example:Cross, Crescent Moon, Star of David, a saint's anklebone etc), holy water (burns them with a burn that like silver, they can't heal with their "magic") a pointy silver object( like a knife, steak, stick, bar watch, pointy cross etc), matches and gasloline (to burn the body), and some sort of candle or incense. There are more things for you to know, but I must reveal them in a later post of: Defence against Monsters By Greshkhan.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Castlevania order of elccestica boss guide 1

I'm making a guide for the first three bosses in the above game.

1.Amphoragas or something

Equip the the sword glyph dropped by the skelton sciemetear. For the fight: whack at him whn ever you can. When he:

1.rolls up: jump and use magnet to grab to the thing above.When he rolls over and back reasease yourself. DO NOT FLING!
2.moves his claw in a certain way: move as left most as possible. You can attack his claw.
3. does something wierd with his face before shooting a net: move as close to him as posssible.The net will go right over you.

Don't worry when he crawls backward. He's not about to do something.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dumb forums

A stupid little forums that I made for nitrome awhile ago. Nitrome isn't going to make there own because they won't be able to moderate it and such. I e-mailed them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Battle with Gerolf

Summery: Gerolf escaped the demon realm, captured Mythos wyrm, and I snuck up from behind him and leaped on his back, then plunged my sword into his back, he shreiked and dropped Mythos wrym, who resealed him. That is why I'm called T-slayer.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have finally got a jayisgames account. My name there is ganondorf champion. My name on the game powder is ganondorfchampin.

Next up is my battle with the titan Gerolf